Stone Industries Consulting, inc.


It is mainly dedicated to the area of natural (marble, limestone and granite) and industrial (aggregates) stones extraction, industrial processing and commercialization. It is constituted by a team of engineers, architects and lawyers with great experience in these sectors.


We design and implement, industrial units for processing of ornamental stones, sized, according to the finished products suitable for the various areas of application, construction and decoration.

We design and implement units for processing of industrial stone (aggregates).

We implement supervise and direct the construction work, of infrastructures.

Supply and assembly of the most suitable equipment.

Supply and assembly of equipment for waste water treatment and sludge dewatering, as well as stone waste.

Training of machine operators until actual production starts.

Training of maintenance operators.

Studying and gathering the market, training of the management area.

We draw up plans for mining and environmental recovery that are sustainable in the management of the resource and the environment, whether ornamental rock quarries or industrial rock called aggregates.

Supply of the most suitable machinery and equipment for sustainable exploitation.

Training of machine operators until the actual production starts.

Training of maintenance operators.

Industrial and land use licensing.

  • Business Plan & Strategy

  • Environment recovery projects

  • Water treatment systems and sludge dehydration

  • Industrial projects

  • Project implementation and management

  • Machines and industrial equipment supply

  • Bridge cranes and gantry cranes

  • Wheel loaders

  • Escavators

  • Dump trucks

  • Rock drills

  • Advanced training to run the machines

  • Quarry exploration projects

  • Quarry environment recovery plan

  • Technical assistence

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Human Resources

  • Internet & Technology

  • Operations & Logistics

Stone Industries





Stone Industries Consulting Corp 

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